The Stylophone in all original models are basically the same to operate with a power supply being a PP3 battery located underneath the back cover. The cover is removed by gripping the tab and pulling. To replace, make sure it is the correct way around and locate the tabs before clicking closed.

On / off switch is located at the left front along side the vibrato switch. Never leave the stylophone switch on when not in use as the battery will discharge even though it is not being played.

The stylus is located above the keyboard in it’s own housing. The stylus and keyboard must be kept clean by using silver polish or brasso when the sound becomes crackly.

The amplifier / headphones output can be found on the left hand side of the instrument and a Dubreq amplifier was originally available as an extra.

A tuning dial is located at the rear of the stylophone and can be tuned in conjunction to the record supplied with the stylophone or to your own requirments.

Playing the stylophone.

Switch the unit to ON and choose if you want vibrato or flat. Remove the stylus and make contact with the keyboard to produce music notes. The notes on the early models are depicted by music notes and the later stylophones use numbers to ease playing from the various books that could be used alongside the instrument. It’s as simple as that!